Custom Molded Rubber Materials


Transfer Molding - combines the advantages of injection molding with the practicalities of compression molding.

  • Perfect for items with complex design
  • Provides short lead times
  • Allows narrower dimensional tolerances than compression molding
  • High uniformity with little flash
  • Quick tooling
Injection Molding Rubber injection molding is the ideal method for the mass production of small or medium-sized items, complex inserts, items with narrow dimensional tolerances and components which require high uniformity. Liquid Silicone Rubber molding is another injection method we can offer. Similar to rubber injection molding, it offers the advantage of speed for high volume production.

  • Short molding process
  • Low unit cost
  • Narrow cross sectional dimensional tolerance
  • Minimal flash
  • Minimal waste
So, if your in need of high volume parts, low volume with low tooling costs, or small parts with high detail, we have the best method available to produce your parts.